Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Day Slips

This is dedicated to Angeli.

If someone were to a point a gun at my head and ask for the best reason why I should not drive a car, I would have to reply that I am far too forgetful. For a perfect example I would show them this picture. This is my coffee cup that somehow stayed on the roof of my car as I drove around looking for a weather feature unaware that I had left the cup there.

If someone were to point a gun at my head and ask me what a worthwhile purchase at this point in my life would be. I would have to say a rain coat and boots without holes. For a perfect example I would have to show them this picture. Rick Rikur works for York County shoveling snow on George Street, Wednesday, January 28, 2009.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

East Poplar Street Fire

My first attempt at spot news. The whole situation was a bit overwhelming. My photos of the actual fire were pretty weak but I spent a lot of time looking for reactions.
Residents react to a three alarm fire that damaged multiple homes on the 300 block of East Poplar Street Thursday morning.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Quick Portrait

I'll be adding more Obama/MLK Day stuff soon. Until then, here is Suzanne. I took this photo rather quickly when I was getting her other info. Thought the whole thing was pretty cute. Then again, I could just be a sucker for tiny desserts and sweet potatoes.

Suzanne Gates of Thomasville helped to organize Obamarama at the Valencia Tuesday, January 20, 2009. She ordered sweet potato pies because she heard President Obama likes them.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cold Weather Feature

So here I am after a bit of a break. Shooting in York PA. The temperature suddenly dropped so I got to shoot cold weather feature instead of an epic finger themed video man on the street.

"It's too cold!" Jessica Pietrusza, York resident and Steelers fan explains as she waits for the Martin Library to open Wednesday morning.